Help us reach our goal

SheLift programming instills confidence in young women through adventure activities and mentorship. We need support from partners to continue with programs.

We are also seeking sponsorships and in-kind donations for future retreats and activities.Your donations will go towards providing life changing experiences for young women in need of assistance trying something outside their reach. 

> > > > > Holiday Fundraising Campaign < < < < < 

Imagine if every "like" on Instagram or Facebook equaled $1? What if we could use the force of social media to raise enough money this holiday season to turn 15K likes into $15K for SheLift? THAT. WOULD. BE. RAD.

Between now and the end of 2017, I'm asking my friends, family and most importantly followers to help SheLift raise $15K for 2018 programming. If we can reach our goal, SheLift will be able to provide financial scholarship to more young women and girls looking to attend a life-changing SheLift retreat. $10 is ALL it takes to help make an impact. 

But I need your help to share the goal. Just think, if you can get 10 of your friends to donate $10, and share with 10 of their friends who will donate $10, that’s $1000 YOU personally just helped raise for SheLift. Crazy to imagine. 

*As a note, a processing fee of 5% will be collected from your total donation. To help us bypass this fee, we also accept direct deposits and gifts by mail. Details provided upon request.