girls to conquer their personal mountains.



SheLift is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that empowers girls to conquer their personal obstacles by providing them with the tools, experiences and mentorship to work towards living an inspired, authentic life. SheLift brings girls of all ages and body types together to inspire and motivate one another to try things we never thought we could do by ourselves. We organize events, day camps and weekend adventures for girls with physical disabilities – all lead and guided by influential mentors. Our events aim to provide healing and prevention of insecurities for girls who've been made to feel "different." 




Provide a safe, supportive environment for girls to connect with peers facing similar life obstacles. 


Motivate one another to try things that take us out of our comfort zones in an effort to grow and overcome personal insecurities. 


Bridge the gap between girls and influential mentors who have the ability to change lives.


Create a more accepting society that inspires young women to live authentically and be proud of their bodies. 


Join our growing community of SheLift girls. Take part in our building roster of events and online community. Be added to our mailing list to be updated on retreats and events as updates unfold. We're always looking to grow our family!

SheLift relies wholly on your contributions. Learn more about our fundraising goals and how to make an impact. All donations will go towards providing life changing experiences and enrichment of daily life for girls.

There are a number of ways to show your support of SheLift. Like awesome swag. Check back often for new and returning march that proceeds SheLift directly.


2017 SheLift Retreat 

5 girls. 5 mentors. 5 days in Aspen, Colorado. 

It's not about becoming an olympic skier, it's about spending time with peers and mentors you look up to who've shared similar life experiences, while discovering new personal triumph through the sport of skiing. 


2017 Celebrity Mentors


Our Story

SheLift was founded by Sarah Herron and a group of friends who shared the beliefs that we're not defined by our bodies, and that all girls deserve to love themselves wholeheartedly. Sarah and her friends also shared a common enthusiasm for the outdoor adventures – specifically in the mountains – and felt passionately about sharing the transformative powers of adventure with others. 

Sarah and her friends want to show young women that whether it's on the slopes, on a trail or on a show... finding love is possible, and it starts with yourself.


Who is a SheLift Girl

She is brave and beautiful.
She is a friend, a daughter, a sister.
She is smart and funny.
She is compassionate and thoughtful.
She is sensitive.
She has felt different and been looked at.
She has been hurt.
But she is lovable, even when she thinks she's not.
She is ready for life's curveballs.
She wants to see change in the world.
And the way girls value their self worth. 
She is imperfect.
She is inspiring.
She is unstoppable.


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