Our Story

SheLift was founded by Sarah Herron and a group of friends who shared the beliefs that we're not defined by our bodies, and that all girls deserve to love themselves wholeheartedly. Sarah and her friends also shared a common enthusiasm for the outdoor adventures – specifically in the mountains – and felt passionately about sharing the transformative powers of adventure with others. 

Sarah and her friends want to show young women that whether it's on the slopes, on a trail or on a show... finding love is possible, and it starts with yourself.


How we work






Provide a safe, supportive environment for girls to connect with peers facing similar life obstacles. 


Motivate one another to try things that take us out of our comfort zones in an effort to grow and overcome personal insecurities. 


Bridge the gap between girls and influential mentors who have the ability to change lives.


Create a more accepting society that inspires young women to live authentically and be proud of their bodies. 


Now it's my goal is to help others have similar experiences...