Welcome to SheLift!

I'm a Colorado native born without the lower half of my left arm but it hasn't stoped me from much. After becoming a fan favorite on ABC's The Bachelor, and connecting with millions of viewers across the world I saw an opportunity to use my platform in a more meaningful way.

Striving to share my love for outdoor adventure and mentorship, I started SheLift, a brand and organization that empowers young women with physical differences to conquer their personal mountains. Today, I spend my time outdoors, hiking skiing, rock climbing, backpacking, – you name it – I do it all in the pursuit of showing other girls what’s possible.

As the executive director of SheLift, I remain an active leader, mentor and participant in every SheLift activity. I also oversee program development, and brand innovations.

With nearly 10 years experience in marketing and advertising, and 5 years as a social influencer, it's my personal mission today to ensure SheLift is the platform women turn to for inclusive, body-positive visibility and inspiration.

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Hi! I'm Stella.

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