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Every girl has a mountain to conquer.



An organization that curates and offers once-in-a-lifetime adventure experiences to empower, unite and motivate young women with physical differences. We offer bi-annual retreats for beneficiaries of our organization, and fundraising escapes for women looking to support our cause.



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SheLift Retreats

Bi-annual retreats designed for young women with physical differences. Each retreat offers an adventure activity that challenges girls to step outside of their comfort zones in an effort to discover greater confidence. Each retreat invites a leadership team of influential mentors and guests who specialize in body-positivity and athleticism. To alleviate financial barriers for our applicants, retreats are fully funded thanks to the support of donors.

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SheLift Escapes

The adventure, connection and experience of a SheLift retreat that also gives back. Travel to top destinations around the world with a group of like-minded women and influencers looking to connect, create and conquer. Each SheLift Escape brings women to the forefront of adventure and luxury, while raising awareness and funding for SheLift. Every retreat is curated to deliver daily activities, restorative practices, free time, and creativity. 

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