Sarah Herron – Executive Director

As the executive director of SheLift, Sarah remains an active leader, mentor and participant in every SheLift activity. Sarah also oversees program development, and innovative partnerships.

With nearly 10 years experience in marketing and advertising, and 5 years as a social influencer, it's Sarah's personal mission today to ensure SheLift is the platform women turn to for inclusive, body-positive visibility and inspiration.


Megan Ambrose – Managing Director

Megan is a mother of two young girls sand believes demonstrating and encouraging a healthy outdoor lifestyle is key to building connection to others and the world, self-confidence and an adventurous spirit. Megan is responsible for developing and executing SheLift brand strategy and has spent the last 10 years working in the marketing industry — development, management and production for some of the worlds largest brands such as Nike, Target and Activision. She has also worked in internal operational roles orchestrating new teams, functions and events. Megan lives in Austin, TX with her husband Jason and 2 girls: Lucy & Georgia Scout. 


Allie Stark – Wellness Program Director

Allie Stark is a life coach, speaker, podcast host, and inspired entrepreneur. Her work is centered around the idea of Reclaiming Your Instinct—a practice focused on quieting the clamor of social training in order to realign with your own truth. 

With over fifteen years of experience in health and wellness, Allie is supporting the SheLift team to develop programs and coaching for retreats and escapes. Collectively Allie and SheLift are working to build an inclusive environment that empowers participants to take risks, share openly, connect deeply, and step more fully into their highest selves.  Some of Allie’s other clients include: Planned Parenthood, Zendesk, Nest, GoPro, Weebly, Brita, and the Seva Foundation. 


Jennifer Hudak – Ski Mentor

Jen is a two-time world champion and 5-time X-Games medalist in halfpipe skiing. Though now retired from competition, She is inspired to help others reach their goals on the hill.

To Jen, it is not about producing the next Olympian, but guiding people toward their personal limits and then helping transcend them, by teaching people to respect their bodies for what they are capable of doing, not simply how they look.