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SheLift is a 501(c)3 organization that curates once-in-a-lifetime experiences to empower, unite and motivate women. Through adventure, coaching and group activities, SheLift provides a supportive and inclusive environment that empowers participants to take risks, share openly, connect deeply and step more fully into their highest self. Proceeds raised support applicants of our annual SheLift Summit.  

Whether you are a SheLift Summit applicant, or are interested in going on a life-changing adventure to support the cause, there are ways for women of all abilities and backgrounds to experience our program.


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Original SheLift Retreats

Our original, founding retreat designed for young women with physical differences to go on an adventure in the great outdoors. Each retreat offers an activity that challenges girls to step outside of their comfort zones in an effort to discover greater confidence. To alleviate financial barriers for our applicants, retreats are available on a sliding scale thanks to our fundraising efforts.

SheLift Adventure Escapes

The adventure, connection and experience of a SheLift retreat that also gives back. Travel to top destinations around the world with a group of like-minded women and influencers looking to connect, create and conquer. This isn't your average girl’s trip, this was a weekend for stepping out of your comfort zone and re-discovering one’s highest self. SheLift Escapes are designed for women of all ages, sizes, abilities and backgrounds seeking deep connection and meaningful experiences.


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