Every woman has a mountain to conquer.


SheLift is a female focused community encouraging women to cultivate confidence and self-acceptance through adventure and authenticity.


What we do


SheLift is a 501(c)3 organization that empowers young women and girls with physical differences to discover confidence and self esteem through outdoor recreation and mentorship.

We offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences, workshops and community events rooted in personal development, risk taking, authenticity and connection for women and moms of children with physical differences.


"This organization has made me feel confident and encouraged in following my dreams and not letting limb loss stand in the way of achieving whatever it is that I want- whether it is to ski again or to lead full and positive life with lots of adventure!"

– Clare Scheller


What we teach



Overcoming self-limiting beliefs.


Self acceptance and living authentically.


Creating compassion for ourselves and others.


The importance of self-care and connection.


Our experience