Apply for A retreat!

The application period for Moab has closed. To apply for a future retreat, please fill out the form and attach the following required materials for consideration. We curate different retreats and experiences for women ages 7-27. 

Written essay: 

Please answering the following questions:

  • Name, age, location

  • Describe your physical difference

  • How has being physically different affected you growing up?

  • Tell us about your dream adventure or activity. Sky's the limit!

  • What is the most extreme adventure or activity you've ever done and how did it make you feel?

  • Tell us about a female role model in your life.

  • What does confidence and self-acceptance mean to you?

  • What would a trip like this do for your overall confidence and self-esteem?

Video submission: 

Please answer the same questions by recording a video of yourself. Please be sure audio is clear and you are in good light. 


Provide 3-5 images of yourself doing things you love. (a range of full body and close ups are best!)

Written referral:

Please provide a written referral and contact information from a friend or family member. We would love to hear from someone close to you how they think a SheLift experience could impact your life. 

Once you have submitted all your materials, please allow 2 weeks for a response. Further Skype and phone calls may be requested following. All applicants will be notified of attendance by September 1, 2017. 


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Please upload your video submission and photos to a shareable drive (dropbox, google drive, iCloud) and link here. Please be sure to enable share settings so the link can be accessed.
I have provided all the requested materials to be considered for participation
I understand that the information provided is confidential and will only be shared with internal SheLift team members unless otherwise requested. The photos and videos submitted will not be used for any external facing purposes unless given permission.
If selected to attend the retreat, I am able to provide current/valid proof of identification, insurance and residency.
If selected to attend the retreat, I am able to take time off work or school