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If you are apply for any retreat other than the fundraiser escape, please indicate the amount you are able to afford. We expect each retreat participant to engage in fundraising toward the costs of the retreat and will help you do so by providing SheLift information. You may choose to create a crowd funding campaign (like GoFundMe), post on social media, send letters to friends and relatives, etc. There are many options!
What is your total household income? If you are applying for the scholarship, you will need to submit income statements.
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It is a critical part of our mission not to exclude anyone from this opportunity due to financial restrictions and we work very hard to gather funds necessary to ensure inclusion of all girls in our program. The cost of attending a SheLift retreat is available on a sliding scale fee. Please describe your funding needs, including how much you can afford to pay, how much you plan to fundraise, and how much you would like to request from SheLift.
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Please indicate if you are able to contribute additionally in any amount so that another mom and daughter can join.
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That this cost includes daily meals, activities, ground transportation, and the services of staff. Flights are NOT reflected in the price or at the responsibility of SheLift.
Please include any additional information or background story about you and your daughter