For this last SheLift retreat in Moab, Utah I was brought on to help support Sarah in creating programming and workshops for the women attending the retreat. Together, our intention was to build an inclusive environment that empowered the participants to take risks, share openly, connect deeply, and step more fully into their highest selves. 

What I witnessed over the course of three full days in the wilderness was profound. I watched four young women connect with other humans in a way that allowed them to feel less alone in their experiences. I watched four young women stare at their perceived limitations directly in the eyes and overcome them. I watched four young women laugh, play, connect, and feel a sense of freedom to be themselves. All of themselves. 

My experience in helping to guide this retreat was a powerful reminder of how important it is to be in community and to help one another rise up into their fullest potential. I learned so much seeing life through the eyes of these women. Coming home I felt changed in how I view the world and people with physical differences. Working with Sarah and the incredible SheLift team was deeply inspiring. I am so humbled and honored to be a part of an organization that empowers women to be their brightest selves one adventure at a time.

 – Allie Stark